". . . and suddenly, my life was irrevocably changed."

In 2011, three women unexpectedly became a part of the loss community. 

In 2012, they began supporting the loss community.

The legacy of Ethan, Ryan and Hayden is built within these pages.

May you find comfort and support throughout this site.

We are here for you.

In December of 2011, co-founders Stephanie Brown, Melissa Ippolito, and JennRose Stremich met at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, were their sons, Ethan, Ryan and Hayden, are buried beside each other. From that chance meeting, the three found support and strength in sharing their loss experiences. From that initial meeting, born from unimaginable grief and loss, the journey began towards fulfilling a larger need for support and understanding of this type of loss. The ladies began meeting regularly and officially founded Face 2 Face Rochester in June of 2012.  Through the support found in each other, the ladies wanted others to have someone to turn to and lean on in the face of loss. Since its inception, the Face 2 Face Rochester support group has become the face of miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss in the greater Rochester community. Face 2 Face Rochester has more than 200 members and over 800 likes on Facebook. The group holds monthly support meetings, and community events throughout the year. 


Thank you for visiting Face 2 Face Rochester. Face 2 Face is no longer an active group. However, Rochester will not be left without support for miscarriage, pregnancy, and infant loss. Forget Me Not, a group founded by three loss parents will pick up where Face 2 Face left off. 

Forget Me Not is a peer-to-peer pregnancy and infant loss support group located in Rochester. Forget Me Not was created in the legacy of Face 2 Face. Forget Me Not holds in-person meetings once a month on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Cornerstone Bible Chapel 3231 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624. 

If you need support, we are here to help. Always. You are not alone. 

Forget Me Not Contact Information:

Email: Forgetmenotrochester@gmail.com

Phone: 585-454-9299

Social Media: 

  - Facebook Community Page: Forget Me Not of Rochester, NY

  - Private Facebook Group: Forget Me Not of Rochester, NY